Prismatic Development Corporation has a written and practiced Code of Business Ethics focused on Integrity, Quality, Client Satisfaction, People, and Corporate Citizenship.  This outlines our values and serves as a background for our Code of Conduct that governs the actions of our employees.  Prismatic is straightforward and forthright in all our business endeavors.  Companywide training, as well as direct access to the President/CEO for everyone, allows for a cohesiveness not found in most companies.


Our prior Affirmative Action experience consists of two parts. 

The first part is a commitment to good faith efforts to meet or exceed established DBE goals for the project.  Robert V. Gamba, President/CEO of Prismatic has been a participant in the Port Authority Mentor-Protégé program for a number of years. This program joins a minority firm with a mentoring firm to aid them in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the business world.

Recent Prior Experience:

  • A $25 Million Dollar Maintenance Facility that had 10% MBE and 10% WBE goals, and we met the WBE goal, and exceeded the MBE goal by 5%.   
  • A $26 Million Dollar Precast Concrete Parking Garage that had a 17% DBE goal.  This job is projecting to close out and achieve the 17% goal.  This was especially challenging since there are no precast concrete suppliers or elevator installers that are DBE’s.  This meant that half of the project value didn’t have DBE availability, but we were still able to make the goal.

Good Faith Efforts typically used to meet or exceed goals:

  • Contact appropriate agencies to find subcontractors and suppliers that are on their pre-approved lists.
  • Contact all qualified firms on the approved subcontractor/supplier lists.
  • Provide contract documents to all firms that would like to submit quotes.
  • Assist in determining areas of work that fit the capable size of interested subcontractors.
  • Attend prebid and outreach meetings.
  • Provide simple qualification requirements on our website to make it simple to get on our bid lists.
  • Provide monthly audits to status progress.

The second part is straightforward - that is compliance with all Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Laws.  An excerpt from our Code of Conduct:  “We value the diversity of our employees and are committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.  Abusive, harassing or offensive conduct is unacceptable, whether verbal, physical or visual.  Examples include derogatory comments based on racial or ethnic characteristics and unwelcomed sexual advances.  Employees are encouraged to speak out when a coworker’s conduct makes them uncomfortable, and to report harassment when it occurs.  Threats or acts of violence or physical intimidation are absolutely prohibited.”  We are an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity employer, and provide equal employment for veterans and individuals with disabilities.  In addition, we will contact local unions and building trades to help us meet our workforce diversity goals.