Yankee Stadium Parking Facilities


This program was been established to provide the design, construction, operation, maintenance and financing for 9,200 parking spaces for the Yankee Stadium patrons as part of a 99 year ground lease. 

The Challenge

Performing as and leading the Development Team, Prismatic along with a JV partner led the design and construction of three new parking garages, the rehabilitation of two existing parking garages and six surface parking lots. The three new garages were constructed of precast concrete supported on pile foundations.

Our Solution

Garage A is a 1,700 space three level structure on a 320,000 square foot footprint. The roof level of this garage was designed to have a 7.5 acre park constructed as part of the NYC Parks Department program to replace parkland that was displaced as a result of the Yankee Stadium and Parking Garages construction. The park contains a football/soccer field surrounded by a 400 meter eight lane running track, a 1,000 seat grandstand, four basketball courts, nine handball courts, a children’s playground, comfort station, and areas with extensive landscaping and hardscape treatments. Garage B was a five level 700 space building and Garage C was a four story structure containing 1,100 spaces. Each of the three garages was been designed to compliment the architecture of the surrounding neighborhood. The façade of Garages A and C will be composed of brick and precast concrete elements, along with decorative mesh panels located between the upper and lower floors to provide the appearance to have the structure become more building like. Garage B, due to its close proximity to the new Yankee Stadium, incorporates many of the same finishes as the new stadium. The elevator and stair towers were in aluminum panels and clear colored glass.