Hamilton Marine Transfer Station

Project Background

The City of New York, though it’s Department Of Sanitation, implemented the construction of transfer station facilities to increase the capacity to process refuse while reducing the truck traffic within City confines.

The Challenge

This facility, along with our nearly identical North Shore Marine Transfer Station, is the most highly sophisticated refuse transfer station in the world.  The new station will accept refuse and load it into sealed containers which are stacked onto barges by large gantry cranes and shipped out of the city- all while being monitored by remote and on site personnel through a computerized SCADA system. 

Our Solution

This new Marine Transfer Station is a fully-enclosed three level 100,000 square feet facility constructed with a steel and concrete frame on deep piles. The steel panel and precast concrete exterior wall building is covered by a metal panel roofing system. The computerized equipment inside the building is coordinated to timely set, load, seal and transport containers using rails and gantry cranes that pick, set and stack them as needed. The marine equipment stabilizes the transport barges in place while the containers are set.