Little Falls Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Project Background

The Passaic Valley Water Commission serves the member communities of the Cities of Paterson, Clifton and Passaic in Passaic County, New Jersey. The Commission also provides bulk water supply to many other communities and provides an average daily output supply of approximately 75 million gallons per day to its customers. Water supply is derived from the Passaic River and is treated at the Little Fall Treatment Plant. The Plant was originally constructed in 1898 and received major upgrades in 1966 and 1986. Due to the need to meet more stringent water treatment requirements, another major upgrade to the treatment facility was initiated in November 2001. The upgrade also included the expansion of the treatment to 120 MGD.

The Challenge

This plant had to remain in continual operation throughout the entire period of construction. Extensive construction scheduling and staging requiring phased construction and temporary bypass piping was needed in order to supply continual and adequate water supply to the public. 

Our Solution

Two new major potable water treatment units were constructed to remove particulate matter from the raw water and ozone treatment system, and provide highly effective disinfection and treatment for taste and odors. The excavation for the new facilities involved approximately $ 1 million in rock excavation and the use of over 14,000 cubic yards of concrete.